Photo Teaser - Magical Realm of Edon

I took some action photos of the Magical Realm of Edon that my wonderful wife Melissa was a part of. She played the part of Eternity, the goddess in control of the realm. I have posted 4 teaser photos. I’m not done with them or with all of the other photos (approximately 150 of them) as I’m currently doing my usual photo editing bit with them. When I’ve got them all edited, I will send them for the director’s and creator’s review prior to posting them to my web site. Let me know what y’all think!

Solaris 10 and NFS

I’ve been getting our Solaris environment setup in the College of Architecture, and one of the things I quickly realized with zones is that I’m going to need to setup LDAP to have any sort of efficient way of managing user accounts. Once this was setup, I quickly realized the need for NFS to be setup and thought that it’d be fairly straight-forward to setup (like it is on Linux). This turned out to not be the case.

VIM in Windows!? Whod'a thunk?

A friend of mine passed over the following blog entry, which I found quite to my liking. J.P. Boodhoo (a leader in the .Net development community) has found some plugins and tools which enable vim in certain applications in Windows. Those being:

Generating an SSL Certificate

I remembered when I first started doing systems administration. One of the first (and simplest) things I had to do was learn how to generate a self-signed SSL certificate because I didn’t want to pay for one. Well, since my first time doing it, I’ve done the process about 2^18 times now, so it’s second nature to me. But, to some folks who don’t want to read the lengthy explanation on what each step does, here’s a breakdown of what commands you’ll issue on a Linux server. Explanation about the steps will follow.

PHP Arrays in HTML

One of my friends who has used PHP in the past, but hasn’t touched it in a while, recently asked me what the best was to handle mass edits and deletions on a page. To understand more what he’s talking about, he has a form with a table of data, each containing checkboxes in a column labeled as Delete? He wants to know how he should handle the deleting multiple rows in a fast and efficient way.

Ahh! My entries!!! - Fixed

Okay, so apparently things didn’t go as smoothly as I had thought they would when converting from Serendipity to Wordpress. Many of my posts took advantage of the “extended” posting feature (which basically required a user to click “Read More” and see the rest of my entry). However, the converter that I used did not convert these “extended” entries, so many of my posts are without content. I apologize for this, and look to getting them back up soon!

Meetings, Presentations, and OpenID

So, I’ve obviously failed in terms of trying to make more posts as I had said I would. But, I’m so busy with everything right now that I don’t have much time to sit down and make lengthy (and frequent postings). Heck, even some of the regular events that I’ve been trying to start up at work (such as the Weekly Digest) has turned out to be not so weekly because I haven’t been able to schedule them. However, it’s about time that I give an update on my life situation and then a short tech talk on a really cool idea that has been around, but I haven’t started using until now.