Here at OSCON

Well, I am officially writing on the WIFI here at OSCON. After a long, approximate 9 hours of flight, waiting, more flight, waiting, a prezel, and more flying, both myself and Melissa made it here to Portland. I don’t thing we got checked in and situated into our Hotel room until about 1AM Pacific time.

Overall, my flying experience wasn’t as bad as Tom’s was the other day. For those who don’t know (cause I don’t think I posted an entry about his situation), he basically was held over 3 hours in Houson on American Airlines, followed by held over in Chicago for another 3-4 hours before his flight was cancelled and Tom was left stranded in the airport overnight, then didn’t get home till around 4 or 5 PM the following day. In my opinion, that is absolutely horrible service, and airlines should do their upmost best to make sure people get to their desitinations the day they are travelling - not the following day, practically completely through the day.

Anywho, I took American Airlines, but only because I had booked my flight about 3 months before he had this problem. Normally I travel Continenetal. Albeit the problems Tom had, however, both Melissa and I had reasonable flights. The last leg of my journey was on Alaska Airlines, which was the best leg overall because they at least provided a snack (peanuts). American didn’t even offer free peanuts, $4 for a “snack pack”, which would cost less than $1 at the grocery store. No way in hell.

Melissa, took Frontier, and she said they were the nicest airline she had ever been on. In-flight snack: you bet! Chips! A little better than peanuts, to some. But, eh. I’m just glad both of us arrived at the airport and had our luggage just in time to catch the last light-rail that was leaving the airport for the night. Free fare, too. :-)

Double Tree has by far the best beds out of any hotel I’ve ever been to. I didn’t wake up with a sore back at all, and was rather rested, despite not being able to get to sleep till 2AM local time and waking up at 5:45 AM to get ready. Melissa is obviously back behind at the hotel sleeping in, shakes fist in hotel’s direction, but hopefully she’ll be able to find something to do to keep herself entertained. I hope that she gets out and sees the town a bit, as this is supposed to be a pretty cool area.

Anywho, time for me to get ready for the convention, and finish answering emails that I haven’t checked in the past couple of days. I’ll keep updated on how awesome the CON is, as I’m in training.