cPanel Training Conference - Day 1

So yesterday was the first day of the Training Seminar. It was not as shabby as I thought it might be. I was kind of getting pissed off with the lack of communication they were providing me, so I figured the rest of the conference was gonna suck. There were aspects of it that were rather uninteresting. I’m taking the advanced track, hoping to get a lot out of it (because the beginner track would have definately left me uninterested), but was rather disappointed that a couple of sessions included 5-10 minutes of presentations, then 25-35 minutes of Q&A- and most of the people didn’t have anything to ask.

I was provided free breakfast, lunch, and dinner yesterday - all of which were mucho delicioso. Lunch was mexican (fajitas and taquitos), and dinner was a filet and a chicken with herbs inside a pie crust with vegetables on the side. Open bar too…not bad at all considering they eliminated the $25 registration fee - meaning the only expense for me is gas seeing as I’m staying with Melissa’s lovely mother. Today I get breakfast and lunch (types as he munches on a fruit and yogurt parfait).

Yesterday was also a very wonderful day for interaction, socialization, and trying to make new potential partners and/or clients. Geeks are generally very cool people, and passionate about the topics they talk about - whether it be from old army stories (for the 40+ year-olds), to things they are currently implementing in their infrastructure, to seeing what everyone else’s view about politics are. Most of the people I met yesterday were very cool, especially an old ag who’s been getting into the hosting business. This is odd, but cool at the same time - he’s class of 87, Electrical Engineering. So he’s a graduate of the class 20 years before me - not to mention, he’s had many of the same professors I have (including our advisor Dr. Russell). Oh yea! He was also the president of IEEE his second senior year (practically what I got voted in to!).

Today’s tracks should be more interesting, as well be talking about securing our computers. That’s something I gotta work on…