cPanel Training Day 2

Okay, so day 2 more or less sucked, minus a couple of things. The sessions were more or less mundane and didn’t cover very much. For the most part, I was working on client webpages and trying to get them fixed. Occassionaly I’d pick up a couple of really interesting things, such as SPAM topics and whatever else seemed interesting at the moment.

I did hear about one cool thing called cPGS - or cPanel Game Server. This is the frontend that is an addon to cPanel for being able to resell gameservers. It will be really cool in the future if our company decides to actually get back into the gaming business.

Other than that, more good food was served, but I didn’t benefit too much from the second day of training. I did meet another photographer though and got to see some of his photography (which was pretty good, mind you). I don’t quite remember his name…