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Chris Weldon

A savvy software engineer and agilist, Chris slings code in C#, but has also been known for commanding fleets of systems. He's currently a Tech Lead at Wolters Kluwer.

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Today I officially finish my second week as Tech Lead at Wolters Kluwer. I can say without a shred of a doubt, this was the right move to make. The team I have joined has a lot of really great benefits you do not come across in the software industry:

  • We are focusing solely on a greenfield project. That’s right, it’s brand new. No existing product to support. No on-call schedules. No existing code that makes you go “WTF?!”. A perfect opportunity to start application development on the right path from the start.
  • We are the technology innovation incubator for all of Wolters Kluwer. Existing systems, existing patterns and practices, existing tools will all be called into question. If we want to try something new and blaze trails, we get to do it.
  • We are 100% on Windows Azure (and no Virtual Machine nonesense either). We’re developing a Platform as a Service. It’s essential it can scale and leverage the bleeding edge Windows Azure services to maximize our efficiency for development.
  • I get $1000 a year to spend on my technical training.
  • Our management cares about excellence. “We want our work to be the stuff companies like Microsoft writes white papers on.” - a direct quote from one of our Senior Vice Presidents.
  • Casual (not business casual) work environment. So yes, t-shirts and shorts are totally allowed.
  • Nerf gun wars. Game room. About the only thing missing is the kegerator. #justsaying
  • Work life balance? Try life work balance. Do not expect to work yourself to death here. Family comes first - and that comes from our manager.

So here’s our challenge - we need people. On our team, we’re still looking for 15 people to join our ranks! We have 42 job openings in the Irving, TX office alone! The following are opportunities directly on our team:

  • Manager/Scrum Master - We are looking for a strong agilist whom wants to focus solely on growing and managing their team.
  • Tech Lead - As I said previously, we are building not one, but two teams. We need someone to lead the second Audit team! As Tech Lead, you will focus on growing the technical strengths of your team and driving technical excellence in our work.
  • Senior C# Developer
  • Senior UI/C# Developer - The ideal candidate should have deep experience with Angular or similar JavaScript libraries. You will have a passion for driving excellence in the UI and helping to mentor others in the team to grow their skills in developing in the UI layer.
  • Senior SQL/C# Developer - The ideal candidate will have deep experience designing and implementing RDBMS and NoSQL solutions. You should not be a DBA and are not expected to run SQL systems, but you need to performance tune and test your implementations.
  • Junior C# Developer
  • Junior QA Engineer - Note: this is not an analyst. We want people who have experience and are interested in automating tests - not just executing them.
  • Senior QA Automation Engineer - This person is the lead QA engineer on the team. He/she will set the direction for how to automate tests, CI/CD, and release automation on our team.
  • Architect - We need a strong .Net and Windows Azure architect to work with the Global Architecture Office to help set the technical direction for how we use Azure.

If you’re interested, feel free to hit me up via e-mail at or ping me on social media. I would love to explain the role and the company and help put your resume into our pipeline!