Tom's Coming to College Station

My best friend Tom King and I had been planning on the possibility of having him coming down if one of our Cerberus clients ended up signing a complete network, VoIP, and internet deal with us. A BIG score for our company - but we are still in the works with them. The head honcho (at least the manager, not the owner) is really against change - especially when it comes to technology. I got this tip from one of the elderly workers who really does like technology, seemingly, and is really excited about the possibility of getting a better internet connection, etc. She told me that he absolutely hates technology and sticks to a policy of

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Nevertheless, I have been working my ass off recently to try to get this contract with them, as it will finally launch us into the markets we’ve been trying to get into the past few months. It’s taken a lot of research and mapping out of their buildings, but I have a fairly good idea of everything, and it’s gonna cost them (and us) big bucks to get it done - but it’ll be worth it.

Back to the main point, though. Even though we haven’t got the contract with them yet, Tom up and decided that he wanted to come to College Station to hang out. He was looking at tickets for a week from now and they were ungodly expensive (like, $800+ round-trip). I told him to check prices for tickets for tomorrow - and he found tickets much to his liking. 1 way from Nashville to Houston via Southwest was $250. But I told him he could do better and that he should look for tickets on Continental’s main page from Nashville directly into College Station. $220! Unfortunately, in order for him to be able to use frequent flyer miles so he wouldn’t have to pay out of pocket, he’s coming down Tuesday. snaps fingers.

I’m still so excited that on a whim I went out with Melissa and bought a futon - and luckily we found one we wanted at the first place we went too. It wasn’t too badly priced, either - $200 before the 10% Aggie Discount WHOOP! It should be delivered Monday - and it now has a nice place made ready in our office.

It’s been only about 6 months since I’ve seen Tom last, and he has been in Japan for the past month (I still envy him for that). But, it’ll be good for us since he’s gonna be my best man at Melissa and my wedding this Christmas. Being a third of the way across the country makes it hard for us to be close friends (in respect to being able to hang out all the time), but we’ve still managed to stay in close contact and be best buds regardless of distance. That’s why I’m really glad to have a friend like him. :-)