US Government Promotes Abstinence Only Bullshit

Since the dawn of time and after a little bit of evolution, animals have mated. This abundantly simple instinctive fact has blessed all species since they’ve been in existence. The act of mating can (and should only) be said to be truely wonderful, as it is what allows animals to perpetuate and continue to exist. In most cases, mating is a very pleasurable act (as it should be!), and should be condoned by everyone and everything.

Now, in the past, almost any animal would not have strictly just 1 mate. It was inconceivable. Then again, social structures like there are today didn’t exist. Plus, their mating was mainly for reproductive purposes (even every now and then I’m sure animals would do it just for fun or pleasure - animals have their fun every now and then). It is animal nature for males to want to spread their seed in as many places as possible.

So, the cycle of life continued in a natural manner for thousands of years. Then, many years after humans were fully evolved, the idea of marriage came along - tying a man and a woman together for life. However, even when this concept came around, there must have been serious issues in the societal structure, else some assholes wouldn’t have got the idea to start putting in a set of moral codes for his people to abide by. In many of the cultural centers around the world, some of the moral codes involved things such as ‘Thou shalt not commit adultery.’ (sound familiar to you Christians out there?). So, back when these rules were implemented, if one was convicted of adultery (which most of the time would be women, as men were the dominant figures in society and they rarely ever did any wrong, despite how untrue this really is), they were executed in some grotesque manner.

So, fast forward 2000+ years to today. The majority of cultures around the world now all have marriage and preach it as if it is the de facto thing to do once you have found “the partner” for you. Lucky enough for those who make bad decisions and enter into marriages that are destined to be doomed or something just doesn’t work out for them, divorce is an easy and readily available option that is far too overused in my opinion.

But wait, did I just say that cultures around the globe are preaching to find “the partner”? That’s right - the one and only partner for you. The only one for you to have sex with for the rest of your life. The one you are to “cherish and to love, till death do you part”. What happened with the good ole fact of animal nature to try to spread your seed as far and wide as possible? Society has diminished that fact and tried to encourage just the opposite - stop having so much damn sex. The reason? Well, it’s easy to say for the Chinese - population control. However, the rest of the planet it’s purely speculative. Or is it?

The Bible, the book pushed on people of the western culture for hundreds of years now (through means of convincing followed by threats of execution) preaches that you should save yourself for marriage. That’s right, do not engage in premarital sex. There are several references to abstain from sexual intercourse, especially until marriage - else there shall be severe penalties. Such as:

[quote] Deuteronomy 22:20-21

If, however, the charge is true and no proof of the girl’s virginity can be found, she shall be brought to the door of her father’s house and there the men of her town shall stone her to death. She has done a disgraceful thing in Israel by being promiscuous while still in her father’s house. You must purge the evil from among you. [/quote]

Now, this is not the de facto punishment for our society anymore - with good reason. Nevertheless, we can find different references through the holy book that state to save yourself for marriage. Then again, there are also references in the original versions of the bible that state that a husband and a wife are not to get divorced unless under certain circumstances…but we can see how well that is followed.

So, this brings me to the first really upsetting part of my rant - how religion has pushed onto people that they should “save” themselves, as God has told them to do. They are to go on leading boring lives and not being promiscuous and not having fun. In my good and honest opinion, anyone who is smart enough and at least educated on all the different aspects of sex, including contraception, diseases, etc. should be allowed to go out and have the most promiscuous sex they want with nobody - not even a book - standing in their way.

So, now this gets to the real meat of what this rant is about - sex education. When I went through high school, sex education actually taught us about everything - the sexual organs (yes, practicall everything about them), the basic principles behind arousal, intercourse, abstinence, pregnancy, contraceptives, STDs, etc. We got what I would call the “proper” training, without a live demo (thankfully - our Health teacher was a rather pudgy and ugly guy).

However, the people in the government now are trying to fight this and state the best education for kids is ignorance education. Specifically, telling the kids to abstain until they get married. But hold on - the good part is coming up. Not only are they teaching abstinence, they are also teaching [….]. Oh yea, NOTHING ELSE. They expect the only sex education that people should get is abstinence only education, not how to use a condom, not other contraceptive methods, no information on STDs, nothing else. This is really a fucked up world those kids are going to go through if this happens all over the United States. Why? When someone tries something that they don’t know anything about for the first time, generally something goes wrong without them expecting it. The abstinence only education methods make it seem that everything will be absolutely perfect the first time that you have sex. That’s sadly not the case. Kids need to be taught how to watch out for key symptoms of STDs in case they are about to engage in sex with someone else that shows those symptoms (that way they can at least try to enforce the use of contraceptives - or on a safer scale, not even engage in sexual activities with them).

These government officials that are trying to enforce this rediculous idea on many of our youngsters did live through the most flagrant and promiscuous times of the planet to date - the 60’s and 70’s. Sex was an abudant thing in those times where hardly anyone held back from enjoying themselves from many other partners. Then again, so was drugs, and rock and roll. ;-) Interview many of the government officials in power, and you’ll find that many of them did not abstain till marriage, have cheated on their husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, wives, whatever. They are guilty of being promiscuous. But, they think that even though they led bad lives in the past that they can try to help the new wave of kids by teaching abstinence only. They are totally incorrect. Feed them knowledge, not misinformation and lack of knowledge.

Every day I just don’t understand why our government seems to make decisions that the rest of the American people don’t like, don’t want, or make the officals look like complete fools for doing so. Oh wait, I know why - cause our government is mostly Republicans and they only listen to big Corporate entities and can’t think for themselves.

Anyone who reads this should contact their congressmen and senators and encourage them never to vote for any policies or additional funding for abstinence only programs. It’s wrong and should be stopped.