Pirate of the Carribbean - Review

So, as you know by my post a couple of days ago, we were going to the PotC: Dead Man’s Chest. I was very enthusiastic about seeing this movie right when it came out, especially since the first one was a huge hit. I was disappointed that the movie theatre didn’t have any later showings than they did, as most everyone came to see the 12:20 showing. Melissa didn’t get off till 12:00, and by the time we got over there, the only seats where we could all sit were on the second row - I hate anything closer than the 4th row. Anywho, click the link below to read more about my personal review of Dead Man’s Chest.

So, on with my minimalist review. I promise not to give anything away with regards to the plot. The second movie was overall a much bigger success than the first one - in my opinion. Everything about it, from the costumes (which were a lot more elaborate this time due to Davy Jones and his crew), to the special effects, to the boats were a lot more realistic and definitely stood out from the last movie. When viewing some of the “making” documentaries online, I found that they did in fact build several boats, a couple of which were only capsized - but having the real thing capsized as opposed to CGI doing such looks all the better. The storyline was also a big improvement; and took a lot longer to pan out - 2 hours and 45 minutes, or the thereabouts.

The first 30 minutes of the film was rather slow to start, unfortunately. The plot line had to be built up rather quickly to show what’s been going on since the last film - but it was all done with Jack Sparrow’s usual “flashy” (more creative and humorous) entry. After the slow startup, though, the movie quickly began moving along, but didn’t take off with such a speed that left the viewers wondering what just happened. The humor was much improved in this one (though for some, particularly my buddy Mark from work, it was too much slapstick for one movie).

The one other thing that I found interesting is that there was no lack of characters from the first movie in this one - most of the crews from the first movie were present in Dead Man’s Chest - so think on that for a bit. ;-) If you want a hint, watch the first PotC movie on your DVD player and actually wait for the credits to end - you’ll get a nice interesting suprise that leads up to something at the end of Dead Man’s Chest. Some of the characters from the first movie take on new roles in the second movie, or at least their character has gone through some significant changes since the first movie - which made it humorous for some and unusual for others.

Overall, I give Pirates of the Carribbean: Dead Man’s Chest a 4.5 out of 5 stars. It was so spectacular in so many areas and not really lacking in anything either. Go out there and see it!