Hack, Saw, Crack, and most importantly, BANG

Our apartment complex has been undergoing rennovations recently. I’m thankful that they are upgrading the look, as it has been needed, but there is a slight problem that I do have with it. My schedule as of late has included me going to bed at around 2-3 in the morning and waking up at 11 or noon in the morning.

But, Melissa and I were unwelcomingly woken up Tuesday morning by somebody pounding on the wall next to our office (we’ve been sleeping on the futon in there because it’s more comfortable than our bed, at times). I was so startled when I woke up that I almost darted downstairs to see what the cats had broken and which one I was to punish for doing it. That’s when Melissa stopped me and had me come back to bed.

This was at 7 in the morning.

Monday night they had been ripping down the fencing between the apartments so that they could move between the apartments easier. It was rather odd, but not nearly as startling as the morning work. My problem with this was that they had the workers start so damn early in the morning. I realize that some people’s days do start at 8 (mine used to), but for those that don’t start at 8, I respectfully ask that you not start your work till at least 10 in the morning. Especially for an apartment community.

Alas, when yesterdays work was done (at around 6 PM), I took a look at what they had done. Our back patio was a total wreck from all the debris (as was everyone elses), and I was looking at a wall of insulation rather than a wall of wood. It was disturbing. But, watching what they were doing this morning, and what they had done by the time I left for work @ 5, they had made a lot of progress on getting up the new “wood” (fake wood) paneling, which is more of a beige color rather than the dark brown rotting wood color they had previously.

I look forward to when the renovations are supposed to be finished. Unfortunately, that date is about a month out. :-( Until then, I get to wake up in the morning to Hispanic workers pounding on walls.