Crank - Four Stars!

I saw Crank on Saturday with a bunch of my buddies from the Helpdesk. I hope to keep this review short and sweet - as it should cover the basic gist of the movie.

From what I saw of the previews, the movie seemed like it was gonna be nothing but hardcore, adrenaline pumping, fist fighting gun blasting action - a type of movie I haven’t seen in a loooong time. But, that’s about the basis of what I got from the movie. What it actually turned out being was something far more weird and twisted than I had imagined.

When the movie started, I immediately recognized the fact that there were going to be some oddities about the movie - such as odd camera angles, weird effects, etc. They started to splash video clips of what was going on elsewhere up on the walls - the character obviously is not meant to see them, but they were random - but cool. In general, the method that the movie was shot was peculiar, but welcomed because I hadn’t seen anything like it before.

Then, onto the plot. Umm, yea. Plot. Lemme recall…oh yea, not very much of one at all. I think it was all about revenge and survivial.

Other random odditities, such as random text appearing on the screen the coordinated with what the characters were saying, was thrown in at the most appropriate times that made it absolutely hilaroious. For example, the dialogue between the main character and his doctor is something like:

  • D: You need epinephrine, dude.
  • C: What?
  • D: Ep-i-ne-phrine, dude....

Cunt on forehead was funny. Watch out for it.

Overall, the random oddities, sound effects, camera angles, and pumping kick-ass action made the movie a lot more enjoyable than I though it was going to be. I give it 4 stars.