A Tribute to Steve Irwin

As most people know by now, Steve Irwin passed away recently. There has been a lot of press regarding this incident, and with due right. Steve Irwin was one of the most successful people to be able to be plastered all over the TV and become a world icon with respect to animal rights and educating people about animals (and of course, the all too famous of the “Crocodile Hunter”). Why should I care about Steve Irwin, considering I’ve never met him? Because anyone who is concerned for the rights of animals and educating people about them so they have a better respect of them is more than deserving of my respect.

Few people like him exist out there. In fact, I don’t think we’ll ever see another like him. Ever.

Steve Irwin really cared about his job and what he did for a living, as an animal and nature lover, and as a person - it showed everywhere he went with increased data collected through his important research, the television shows he was a part of, and the numerous interviews that he did. To hear about his death (especially when it is caused by one of the more docile animals he could have potentially handled - a stingray) is a true tragedy.

Thank you for everything you’ve given the world, Steve. We’ll miss you.