Day 0 - 8:40PM JPT

Still on the same Shinkansen that my previous entry was on. My muscles have started to ache and I really long for Hiroshima to be here. I must try not to sleep so that I can get to sleep tonight and get on Japan time. Melissa has been asleep for the past 2 hours or so, which I don’t mind. The view has been getting a little more exquisite, despite it still being pitch black and rainy. The car has been too warm for comfort and there is no air vent like there is on airplanes. A minor inconvenience, though.

My main concern right now is for us to get to Okayama and get on the next train immediately. We have a total of 5 minutes between trains, so we’ll see if the infamous train system lives up to its name.

One last thought: room service.