Day 0 - First Entry - 2:30PM CST


The next few entries into my blog are all about the Japanese honeymoon that Melissa and I were on from December 25th - January 5th. I originally wrote these entries in a leather book that I carried with me in my backpack, and I tried updating as close to everyday as possible. There’s a lot to read, but I encourage everyone who visits my website to read the entries as you’ll more than likely find them entertaining and/or interesting.

Entry #1

After a long restless night (more than likely due to the excitement of going to Japan), we woke this morning @ 5:30AM. The weather was muggy and when we got to the airport there was a decent crowd of people in the lobby around the American Airlines’ booth. This freaked me (and my father) out as it seemed as though the flight was cancelled - which was not the case. After getting through security fairly quickly and waiting in the lobby for what seemed like a few hours, we boarded and were in Dallas / Fort Worth airport before we knew it. The flight was one of the more turbulent ones, and I wish they would retire the prop planes for regional jets, but they won’t.

Onboard our 777 to Tokyo, we are 4+ hours into our flight. The lunch was manageable, and Nissa and I have been studying Japanese (along with combating sleep deprivation). Overall, I’m fairly impressed with the flight, and might consider AA again, but we’ll see later on.

goes back to watching Nissa trying to sleep on the plane