Day 0 - Sleeping on planes sucks - 7:30PM CST

Why Day 0? Well, I figured that since we will be traveling for approximately 24 hours (or equivalently our first day) it should count as a day for our trip, but not an actual day, if that makes sense. For my fellow geeks, I did not start with 0 because I’m a programmer. Sorry.

So far the plane has been more than boring. The in-flight entertainment sucks, studying always sucks, and the continued exhaustion that Melissa and I feel don’t help the situation. I’ve had to turn off the monitor that shows our flight path and time to arrival because its only making the flight longer than it should be.

Another interesting, yet odd feeling is since it is so late in the evening, it feels like it should be dark outside. But, since we’re traveling in the direction of the sun’s path, we’ve had continual sunlight the entire time. I’m sure by midnight CST I will be flipping out, hehe.

Oh, I would have made a call to my parents a little while ago, but the fees were ridiculous! $5 to connect and $10 / minute! glares

goes back to watching Nissa actually sleep