Day 1 - Half-way rested and on the go again - 9:05AM JPT

After a nice night of rest and a much needed breakfast, Melissa and I are recharged just enough to get to the onsen in Okayama. As I write this, I take enough time every now and again to enjoy the wonderful scenery, complete with mountains, steep hills, and the Japanese-style rooftops.

The Sleep Inn in Higashihiroshima was much more impressive than I previously thought it was going to be. Not only was it a much larger room than anticipated, but it was as clean as a whistle. Additionally, it had one of those weird toilets with a spigot. It was very technologically advanced (especially compared to the US) and was VERY impressive.

Breakfast was a Japanese-style continental (pastry) breakfast. Melissa and I felt like we were being stared at, though. It’s probably as the Fodor’s book puts it: Curiosity. I haven’t seen any other foreigners in this area, so there could be the possibility that very few travel here.

So far everything is going much better than anticipated. I’m something like 8/10, so I’ve kept with my conversation strategy. I’ll update later tonight.