Life, Vetos, and Cheerios

Well, it has been quite a few days (maybe closer to 2 weeks) since I last updated. So, in an effort to get everyone up-to-speed, and to have a somewhat politically motivated post, I’m taking extra time out of my busy hectic life to give you, my audience, and update.

First and foremost, I’ve been busier than ever at work (CIS). I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it before, but I switched to Customer Applications from the Operations group. It meant a new title (yay for promotions), more money (always helpful), and likewise a plethora of new tasks and responsibilities. Then again, it doesn’t exactly help that the project that I’m working in is in serious distress. But luckily, I’m able to program quick enough to put me 12.5 hours ahead of schedule today. Go me. Hopefully we’ll be able to bring this project back on-track to the point that we’ll be able to actually deliver it on-time. For the most part, I’ve been able to program the past week or so, but before that I was doing a combination of consultations, analysis, and down-right project engineering for this customer because they needed everything including servers, SSL certificates, etc.

Second, Melissa and I are still moving things over from the apartment into our new house. We have most of everything (large things at least - we’re missing quite a few smaller items, and still my big fiberboard desk which will take a boheameth to transport over to the house). Most evenings are spent going to the apartment, gathering stuff, and moving it back to the house. The past couple of nights, though, we’ve had reprieve due to the bad weather and having to go to Houston for various things (such as Melissa’s recital, having a wonderful Italian dinner with her grandmother, etc.). This relaxation time has given my back a break, but sadly I’m still not getting much sleep at night. I’m anxious for the day when we finally pay-off the new mattress that we’re getting - it should cure all of our problems as far as sleeping is concerned.

As far as my business is concerned, I have a customer for my business who seems to think I can be at their beckoning call 24/7/365 for programming issues. I agree that for server issues they have to be resolved FAST (and for the most part I make certain they are taken care of at that speed), but programming issues take time to analyze, engineer, program, test, and deploy - not something that a large set of changes can be done in a short amount of time. Not to mention, the fact that this customer almost expects me to come to their office location at the drop of a dime is absurd - especially when the requests they have (which have to happen immediately) can be typed up and sent to me - that’s all that’s going to happen when I get them, type them up and put them in my bug software. Why waste my development time when you can type up the requests? These are the type of people that really push me to get out of this business.

Additionally, for anyone who is considering getting webhosting (and is not smart enough to go to and sign up for the best hosting in the world through that website!) should NEVER consider HostGator for a hosting provider. We have some reseller accounts through them and they have the WORST restriction, signup, and fee policies on the face of the planet. I won’t get into details, but trust me when I say do not trust them.

Well, my ride is almost here, so I’ll update this post about Vetos and Cheerios later. Give me a holler if you haven’t talked to me in a while. AIM: Nschinden15