It's been a while...

The truth is, it has. (That and somehow the Staind song It’s Been a While just started playing…what a coincidence).

In any case, I figured I would give the world an update to let them know I’m alive and well. I’m busy, as usual, but I’m alive and kicking and screaming and everything else that I usually do best. I’m still a developer at CIS Customer Applications, working full time, still owning my own business, but I’m back in school attempting to take 7 hours of classes. Over the summer I changed majors from Electrical Engineering to Computer Engineering with a Computer Science emphasis. The reason I did it was because I was enjoying programming a whole lot more than I was building circuits. The change only increased my requirements from 54 credits to 71 credits till I graduate. I did the math, and it seems as though I’ll be able to graduate by December 2009 if I continue working at the pace that I have been (that is, 7 hours a semester with a minimester of courses between every semester).

The classes this semester are going well thus far, but it’s a lot of work and sucks up most of my time (when I’m not doing stuff for Cerberus, etc.). My first class is a math class (I thought I was supposed to be done with math, but changing from Electrical Engineering to Computer Engineering over the summer added one last math class). The course title is Discrete Mathematics, though it has hardly been anything but logic - which is a fairly simple concept. I feel like we’re taking baby steps in the class, with the exception that my professor likes to give us enough homework problems to take up 8-10 pages of notebook paper for each assignment.

The other class I’m taking is ELEN325, Electronics. It’s basically a course that extends two other basic courses that we had during our sophomore year, and is the last electrical engineering course I have to take. The only difference between how it is now versus how it was last semester when I first tried to take it is that my professor makes sense. He does a great job of thoroughly explaining everything without taking a real long time to do it. As a result, I totally understand the homework I’m working on, the pre-labs and laboratory exercises, etc. I hope to pull out of this semester with an A in both this class and MATH302 (Discrete).

As far as everything outside of school (the rest being my wonderful wife Melissa), she’s also stressing out about school (amongst other things). She’s gone back to taking a full-time load of classwork because she’s ready to get out of the community college system and into a university with a good music program (namely Sam Houston State University). As a result, the courses are piling homework on top of her, and it doesn’t help that she’s working 20+ hours a week at the HelpDesk AND the HelpDesk has been swamped by walk-up visitors, which have taken her away from doing homework at her desk. Coupled with the fact that the HelpDesk is having some rather nightmare-ish organizational issues with a merger that occurred recently, it’s been hell for her and I’ve had to console her a lot.

Because we’ve been so busy the past couple of weeks, we haven’t been able to spend much time with friends, let alone clean the house. I hope to get some time to at least do laundry, if not mow the lawn (because it hasn’t been mown in over 3 weeks!) this weekend. Wish me luck. Hopefully I’ll update soon, again… :-D