Monsters vs. Aliens - Definite Hit

I was privileged enough to get a couple of free passes into a pre-screening of Dreamworks Monsters vs. Aliens. This was the first time I’ve ever seen a movie before it was released to the public, so needless to say I felt privileged. (To the one who hooked me up with the passes, thanks again!) In any case, Dreamworks managed to put themselves back on the radar of having really good potential in the animation market, and definitely didn’t let me down this time. Dreamworks does have an impressive number of digital animation films lined up, but for the longest time it seemed as though they were releasing films that were on the coattails of Pixar, and never really released films that topped theirs. I’ll give Dreamworks credit for Shrek, however, as it was one of the more humorous digital animations that I enjoy seeing again and again. One word of advise though - stop making newer episodes. That plate of food has already gone stale.

But, with the release of Monsters vs. Aliens, I have renewed hope for Dreamworks’ animation sector. It’s another movie that’s very original, and the artists on this team did an excellent job of bringing this movie to life. The story is a little on the cheesy side (there’s not much depth to it), but overall the movie was humorous (continuing with the tradition of movies these days) and was littered with eye-candy. The graphics artists did an amazing job with the film and it’s presentation in 3-D gave it true visual depth.

In all, I give the movie 4 out of 5 stars. I recommend everyone go see it and enjoy.