Adwords, Power Tools, and Rain

Quick update on my life. Before I give a general update on my hectic life, I want to say that I’m not really satisfied with adwords lately. I was kind of expecting to make probably at least $10 USD a week given the number of visitors to my site. However, I have yet to make $10 USD for the entire time I’ve been running adwords - this is even with people clicking on links! Turns out I guess the return on clicks is not as high as I had hoped it would be - that or not many people are clicking links.

The past few weeks have been just as hectic as the last general update on my life. Spring break was not much of a break as I ended up working all of it and taking only 2 days off (the weekend, basically). My consulting projects have really fallen behind because of the intense work that we’re getting accomplished (lots of Zend Framework and Dojo play time), but school has also started to drag me back down with all sorts of work (1 major project due shortly after the beginning of April and another machine problem for another class).

Nevertheless, over this past weekend I broke out the gift my parents got me the Christmas before last - my new table saw. I’ve been really interested in woodworking for the longest time, just haven’t had the tools or the time to work on it. When Melissa and I ended up picking up our new family member, Hime, we finally decided that we needed to get a dog house for them so that we could leave them outside during the day. But, I didn’t want to spend $250 or more for just some piece of plastic. I decided to build one from scratch. This past weekend was the first time I got to start putting it together, and I have to say I really had a lot of fun with the table saw and starting to put it together. I’ll try to take some pictures as the thing comes together and post it.

Finally, College Station has at last been getting the rain that we didn’t get over Christmas. We seem to have been in a drought for the longest time - and surprisingly over both the winter and the beginning of the spring seasons - typical seasons where we usually get most of our rain.