Is it strange...

…that I can somehow feel like a member of the Battlestar Galactica family, even as a viewer? I just watched The Last Frakkin’ Special and can’t help but reflect how I somehow relate and/or wanted to relate with the actors and actresses in the series. It was a sad day in our house on March 20, 2009 - the end of the best series I’ve ever watched on television. The final episode of the series was really what locked it in as my favorite series of all time. As I reflect on how excited I had always been every new episode that came out, there’s no doubt in my mind. The only difference about watching BSG or watching some other television series is BSG is more like watching the longest movie of all time. The quality of the actors and actresses, the special effects and artistry, the music and everything else has been at the caliber of of a full-scale movie production.

I’m not afraid to show my emotions, and frankly I do have a lot of them (just ask Melissa). BSG has been one series that has really brought them out. Not to say that I’m that surprised, because I’m sure that was Ronald Moore’s plan all along. He does everything that he can to help relate everyone watching the show to one or more characters in the show. But it should definitely be worth mentioning that it’s not just Ron Moore that does this, it’s also the actors. Furthermore, I’m one who you could say is deeply touched by music. Though I’m not really a full-scale musician like my wife is, I find myself really opening up and finding emotional ties with all sorts of different music, and I certainly react a lot more to a particularly dramatic scene with some really influential music. The music in BSG definitely touched me and was too perfect. There was such a range and a mix, but every choice of music was made to perfectly suit the scenes and I have to give significant credit to everyone involved on that front as well.

I definitely love how the final episode was about “the characters”. Yes, the first half of it was the last big fight for the Battlestar. To go down guns blaring against their bitter enemies is the best possible way for the ship to go. For Starbuck, we saw her moment of glory and right before she entered that code. Everyone of us (Melissa, my father, and me) quickly realized how everything related to Starbuck was wound together and why she did play such a big part. It was a beautiful moment.

The last half was just as beautiful as that moment. We saw the winding down and heart-felt goodbye to all of the actors. The most heartfelt moment of the series was the death of Roslin’s character. We all knew it was coming, but that scene really touched me and was deeply saddening, but couldn’t have been done any other way.

Oh yea. Ron: you’re a great writer. But nice stab at getting some screen time in the last scene. ;-)

Thank you all, for giving us this wonderful show.