Dickens on the Strand

A wonderful birthday to be had, December 3rd of this year held the date of Dickens on the Strand at Galveston, TX. I was accompanied by my wonderful fiancee, her best friend and a couple of our other friends, Brent and Lori. We had spent the night in a hotel close to downtown Houston and made our way down the long but not so treacherous drive that is I-45. Once there, we were blasted by furious gusts of cold wind which gave chills down everyone’s back. But, once through the gates, we had a good time watching everyone in costume, including taking lots of pictures, which I have graciously posted here:


For those unfamiliar with Dickens on the Strand (and those too lazy to go to their website), Dickens is set in middle to late 19th century Britain. The festival is considered a global festival, so many individuals were dressed not only in british-style clothing, but also Japanese, Indian (no, not native american), etc. There were plenty of bums (as you can see in the photos), but also plenty of others out of period.

In addition to seeing all the elegant, sophisticated, and cute costumes, we also managed to go aboard the Elissa. This was a sail ship (yes, really old fashioned boating) that was a trading vessel for many years, that was recently given an overhaul to keep it alive. I took many interesting photos of it, but I think for anyone going to Galveston they should drop by and check it out for themselves. Oh, and for those looking at the photo of the ship through the window: Yes, that is a Carnival Cruise ship almost a 100 yards away from this boat. Scary sight, no?

Anywho, please give me some feedback if you like the pictures or not. Thanks!