Upcoming 2012 Talks and Conferences

I’ve been honored to have been selected to speak at three great conferences coming up later this Spring and Summer 2012. I wanted to post so those who follow my blog know about these great events that are a great value.

AgileDotNet Houston

AgileDotNet Houston 2012

The first in my lineup of conferences is AgileDotNet - Houston on April 20th. This is a conference focused on two core topics: Agile Software Development and .Net technologies. We’ve got an amazing lineup of speakers for this event, both from Improving and from other groups including Microsoft, EPS Software, and other companies. I’m the development track manager for the conference and have made sure that all of the topics are focused on Agile development with .Net technologies - without the sales pitches you would normally get at other conferences. I emphasize technology generalization in the talks in this track, and these speakers do a wonderful job sticking to that goal. I will be presenting Beyond TDD - How to Enable Your Team to Continuously Deliver Software. This is a very thought-provoking presentation on how to get your team to the point where it can continuously deliver software. It was very well received at AgileDotNet Dallas and several user groups that I’ve spoken at recently.

The other perks of this conference are really nifty. All attendees get a free (as in beer) subscription to CODE Magazine, 6 PMI PDUs (if you’re a project management professional), and a free ticket to see the Astros beat the hell outta the Dodgers. Did I mention the plethora of free food and beverages at the event? Improving sure knows how to throw a party.

If you’re interested in coming, go to www.agiledotnet.com. Use code CHRIS for 25% off the ticket price. It’s the best value Agile conference you’ll find in Texas.

SharePoint Saturday Houston

SharePoint Saturday - Houston

I’ll be speaking for my first time at SharePoint Saturday Houston on April 28th. This is an excellent and free conference for the SharePoint community. Many SharePoint MVPs, MCMs, and other great talent will be there to deliver a wealth of knowledge. There are several different tracks, including Administration/Architecture, Developer, Business/General, IT Pro, and Power/End User/Case Study. I will be presenting Why Your Identity Model is Wrong - Leveraging Claims to Open to the Cloud. This talk is centered around the Windows Identity Foundations in SharePoint 2010 and how organizations need to change how they provision identities to enable the transition to the cloud easier.

I highly suggest registering for this conference if you’re a user, developer, or administrator of SharePoint. You can register via their website at www.sharepointsaturday.org/houston.

Lone Star PHP

Lone Star PHP

To bring Q2 2012 to a close, I will be one of the privileged speakers at the Lone Star PHP conference in Dallas, TX. This is the second year they are hosting this event, and it’s been expanded to two days due to overwhelming interest the first year (I believe they sold out). This year’s speaker lineup includes great names in the PHP community, including Cal Evans, Chris Hartjes, Keith Casey and so many other wonderful speakers. Oh yea, including myself. I’ll be presenting SOLID - Not Just a State of Matter, It’s Principles for OO Propriety.

Any PHP developer in and around Texas should come out to this conference as it will be extremely rewarding. Why are you still reading? Register now!