Chris Weldon

Chris Weldon

Chris Weldon is a passionate software craftsman, technical manager, and coach. As a manager and coach, it is his mission to understand each team members' career aspirations and help them reach their full potential. Chris works across the organization to build strong relationships to help deliver faster and more effectively. He understands the needs of product management and bridges the gap with the development team to ensure successful delivery of the right product. As an avid agilist, solid and continuous delivery by means of best practices are an expectation. As a craftsman, his strengths are in object oriented design, software patterns, testing strategies, and dev/ops. As an architect, his understanding of each aspect of a software system enables solid architectural forethought and design.

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2146 Tiburon
Carrollton, TX, 75006
I have over 40 public talks since 2012
I was awarded an MVP from Microsoft® in 2013
I have 16 repositories on GitHub


Chris is an exceptional tech lead and a natural leader. His drive for continuous improvement, for excellence, for quality, for knowledge sharing, for team harmony, for best practices and for doing the right thing have defined our team's culture and have a constant impact to the competencies of this team. Most importantly, he has taught the team by example how to do critical thinking, why it is important to understand the value behind everything they are working on and to be able to reason for it. Chris will succeed on everything he does and I am confident he will soon be one of WK’s most influential leaders.

- Lila M., Manager, Wolters Kluwer

Chris is a rock star. Flat out.

- Michael B., Vice President, Global Investment Firm

I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciate the [feature] Chris helped implement. Not only has it made the work easier on my team, I have noticed a significant increase in the population of metadata by the business community - very nice!

- LeAnne T., Vice President, Global Investment Firm

Chris did a great job and he communicated with me through out the project to make certain that everything was correct. I look forward to working with Chris again.

- Adam Shepherd, Sheer Imagination LLC

Chris was assigned to our office to work as a consultant on revamping the College's website through Computer Information Services (CIS). During the time he consulted for the College, Chris was very attentive and in tune with the needs and wants of our office. At times, he was placed in difficult situations dealing with what we wanted aesthetically, and knowing professionally what was realistic. He had the skills and attitude to mesh both to make sure everyone was pleased. I did not have the knowledge necessary to always explain what we wanted. Chris knew this and took great care in explaining all the options. It was a complete joy to have interactions with an IT professional who knew that I was confused and explained things to me on my level. The project continued successfully and the College raved on his expertise and service oriented attitude.

- Kathy Waskom, Chief of Staff, College of Architecture

Chris proved himself as an exceptionally talented analyst. He is super-intelligent with performances consistently exceeded what were expected from his job title. As his immediate supervisor, I recall giving him high rankings and remarks in his annual reviews, and recommended a promotion shortly after he began working for us. I consider Chris in the top 3% category of all analysts I have supervised over my 25 years as a Senior IT Manager. Chris not only excels as a keen observer, a quick learner, a self-starter with a sharp analytical mind; he also shows "leadership,", uncommon for a young individual his age. Chris is extremely knowledgeable and savvy with new technologies; he possesses superb oral and written skills that enable him to express himself well.


Community Leadership


Texas A&M University

Computer Engineering w/ Computer Science Emphasis

Minor in Mathematics