Installing PDT in Eclipse Ganymede

For those Eclipse users who are PHP developers, getting the PDT Eclipse modules to install in a non-PDT distribution of Eclipse is extremely painstaking. This is compounded by the fact that x86_64 users don’t get a PDT distrib from As a result, we have to fend on our own…

After struggling to figure out what the hell to do to fix this, I have resolved that the easiest way to get this working is to simply install Eclipse Ganymede to a location you prefer, and then copy everything from the features and the plugins folder in the PDT Linux distribution into that of the Ganymede installation.

Should anyone decide to write a plugin that turns the Upgrade and Installation system in Eclipse into something akin to that of Debian’s apt-get or dselect management interface, I will praise you as god. That or praise your coding prowsess.

For Zend, I seriously wish y’all would work on distributing an x86_64 version of Eclipse for Linux. It doesn’t even have to be Ganymede, just at least x86_64.