Microsoft and their Gall

Of all the things Microsoft can do, this has got to be the lowest of the low. Read the story on CNN Money.

Essentially, Microsoft is gearing up for the biggest series of law suits since SCO made their ridiculous claims. Who’s going to be the target? The Open Source community. Microsoft is about to open a can of worms against a group of individuals who’s significantly more expansive and quite a bit more populous than their own company. And why? For money. As if the company doesn’t make enough money on their own, they’ve decided to be greedy and go out to fight other products that cost…nothing? That’s right, Microsoft is wanting to sue (get this) the USERS of software that compete against their patents - not the WRITERS of these pieces of software. Essentially, that’s the same things as suing everyone in America for eating a patented hot dog. Absurdity wreaks from Microsoft’s claims.

Not only is Microsoft getting ready to sue these USERS of software, but they’re doing it over FREE products. So, this turns out to be the same situation as a bread manufacturing company suing everyone in the world on the grounds that Jane Doe made her bread from scratch instead of buying the bread manufacturing companies bread. Again, absurdity.

Once again, situations like this really make me hope that Microsoft begins disintegrating due to government hooplah and pushes to use open source software rather than the greedy poorly-constructed giant’s software.