Vimperator and Tab Mix Plus

I typically only install Mozilla Firefox plugins that I find really useful and help improve my browsing experience. Because I’m a hardcore Linux geek, I also love applications such as vim, which is a text-based, high-performance editor. When I head about Vimperator, I immediately grabbed it and started using it. The plugin was amazing in that it really helped me move away from that dreaded mouse and back to my keyboard, improving my overall efficiency.

Well, Vimperator recently released an upgrade to 2.0. This upgrade really overhauled the performance and indicates that the developers are serious about making sure this plugin is useful for its audience. It did, however, break compatability with one of my other plugins, Tab Mix Plus.

Tab Mixx Plus is a great tool in that it can help manage your tab bar and do cool things such as make all tabs a fixed width and spill tabs over to other rows (so that if you have 40+ tabs open like me, you can still stay somewhat organized). Additionally, if you open new tabs from a link inside an existing tab, the color of the tabs will change so you can see which are related. However, upon reading about Vimperator 2.0 and Tab Mixx Plus, I found that the Vimperator team doesn’t prefer Tab Mixx Plus because of the way it interfaces with Firefox.

Their alternative is Tab Kit. In addition to being more standards compliant in terms of how it interfaces with the tabs in Firefox, it also has more features than Tab Mixx Plus and also is more efficient. This is another plugin that I’ve found helps improve Firefox performance, since I was hell bent on reducing the amount of memory Firefox consumed on my 4GB system.

Hope this helps.