Signing your life away...

Well, Melissa and I have officially done it. We’ve signed a contract for buying a house. Now, for those out there who haven’t bought a house yet, this doesn’t mean that we have the house quite yet. Signing the contract simply means that we guarantee that we will buy the house assuming we are able to obtain financing (ie: a mortgage).

Home Search

For the past 3 weeks, Melissa and I have been on the hunt for a home. We’ve been throwing enough money into our apartment complex, and since they decided to be punks and tell us that we can’t get credited for the “Internet Credit” that they had been letting us do for a year and a half, we’ve decided it’s finally time that we move towards ownership rather than renting. Not to mention, painting and home improvement projects are fun!

Photography Updated!

I’ve finally made some significant improvements to my website, especially when it comes to the Photos page. I’ve finally gotten around to using the photos that are already uploaded and just imported them into the Gallery system, so now (most) of them are all available. Just simply click the Photos link above (or back to your left) and check them out. Register an account and rate some of them!

Am I Depressed?

Lately many individuals have been asking me whether I’m depressed or down. I don’t know where they’ve been getting that impression, but from what I can tell, most people think I’m exhibiting these factors.

Day 7 - 4:47PM

Today was our first day in Tokyo - being able to do stuff at least. Last night we checked into the hotel & got dinner at Jonathan’s Family Restaraunt - a chain here in Tokyo (at least). Let me continue on with my previous rants before I talk about today’s adventures.

Day 6 - Happy New Year - 4:00PM JPT

Happy new year! I know Melissa and I are having a good one. :-) I didn’t update the day before yesterday or yesterday because we were so busy walking around the streets of Kyoto and then falling quickly asleep when we got back. So, time to go back over what happened the past couple of days and to go over a couple of more things and thoughts on Japan while we ride on our last Shinkansen from Kyoto to Tokyo.