Komodo, svn, and ssh

For many of you who use Komodo, you will have undoubtedly come across the Source Code Control feature available within it. This feature works GREAT with MacOS X and Linux systems, but if you have ever tried to use it within Windows, it’s a bit tricky to get working properly (if you’ve even been able to do that).

Drink up me hearties, yo ho!

The third and wonderful “conclusion” to the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy was released last week, and I had the opportunity to take my wife to go see it two days after it came out. Suprisingly, the crowd at the movie theater was small, with the show being only 3/4 of the way filled. But, that’s to be suspected with the college crowd almost completely gone for summer.

MySQLd 5.0.40, MySQL Client, and SSL Connectivity Problems

So, I now have one of our new servers sitting in a datacenter in Dallas. It is to replace one of our dedicated servers we are renting through The Planet. Well, our client’s website is doing extremely well right now and is averaging roughly 2,000 hits per day. This is one of the various eCommerce websites we have built for various customers. So, credit card data does get transmitted (always securely) between the database server residing on the dedicated server. Well, in order to minimize downtime for our customer’s website and to retain no loss of data, we have to do something about database connectivity between the old server and the new server. Luckily, MySQL is resilient enough to allow for remote connections, and as long as the latency between the servers isn’t bad, the website will operate at the same rate as normal.

Mac Xserve Perl DBD::MySQL 4.001

Well now, here’s an interesting problem I had with Perl on the new Mac Xserve running Intel Xeon 64-bit processors. One of our customer’s had a CGI website (cringes) and was using DBD::MySQL to access the MySQL database. Upon initial observations, permissions had been setup incorrectly and the httpd.conf file was not setup properly for CGI executables.

Life, Vetos, and Cheerios

Well, it has been quite a few days (maybe closer to 2 weeks) since I last updated. So, in an effort to get everyone up-to-speed, and to have a somewhat politically motivated post, I’m taking extra time out of my busy hectic life to give you, my audience, and update.

SANS: Web Application Security Review

I’m here in Austin, TX today at the SANS: Web Application Security Workshop (I was also here yesterday, too). I hope to be able to provide an accurate review for this nearly worthless workshop that many of us from CIS Customer Applications are attending. There are a couple of individuals who believe that the information being taught here is somewhat worthwhile, but most of us from the group either know everything that’s been taught so far, or find some of the information being taught doesn’t relate to us.

Still alive and kicking

Well, I know it’s been a while since I’ve last updated, so I just wanted to let everyone know I’m still alive and kicking. I suppose I’ll give a quick update as to my situation in life so nobody is left out of the loop.