Theme Happyness

Well, I just upgraded Serendipity to v1.1 . Additionally, I decided to pick a new theme which I’m pretty happy with. FINALLY, I figured out my problem with the code snippets causing code to spill outside the theme range…it was because of the bbcode module.

Day 3 - 8:30PM JPT

Well, after a quick ride to Shin-Osaka, we managed to call Brookie Sloan and agree where and when to meet up with him. We called him again at 11:45AM or so and he gave us more details. We were to ride the subway (not the JR lines) to Namba station in Osaka. This would be a challenge because we were going to have to use the ticket machines, which turned out to be much cheaper and easier than imagined.

Day 3 - Back on Shinkansen - 8:25AM JPT

Continuing from where I left off, the food at the onsen was fabulous! It was quite a large meal, too. They started us out with little tidbits of things and set a couple of burners ablaze under our soup stuff. They also lit a burner under something we didn’t know. After they served it to us, we realized it was gohan (rice) with fish in it. Everything was so delicately prepared and it was delightful. About a third of the way through our meal they brought us tempura which was very delicious. After all of that I was so full I was about to pop…but they weren’t done yet. They brought out a dish with Japanese raddish and fish, as well as dessert. The raddish dish had a delightful appearance and an even better flavor. By the end of the meal I was so full that sleep beckoned me. Melissa and I were in bed by 7:00PM.

First 2 Days posted

I’ve posted the first 2 days of Japanese travels to my blog. Over the next few days, I’ll try to post about 2-3 days of journals a day, that way everyone can slowly absorb the information. Enjoy!

Day 0 - 8:40PM JPT

Still on the same Shinkansen that my previous entry was on. My muscles have started to ache and I really long for Hiroshima to be here. I must try not to sleep so that I can get to sleep tonight and get on Japan time. Melissa has been asleep for the past 2 hours or so, which I don’t mind. The view has been getting a little more exquisite, despite it still being pitch black and rainy. The car has been too warm for comfort and there is no air vent like there is on airplanes. A minor inconvenience, though.