SharePoint 2010 FAST Search Errors

I ran into a series of problems while looking at my customer’s FAST Search for SharePoint. This details the errors I received and how to fix them.

Today I ran into a slew of interesting errors while working on my customer’s SharePoint 2010 instance. They reported they were receiving errors while trying to search for content on their sites. As is typical, searching had worked before, but was no longer working. For reference, the error when they used the little search box below the ribbon was none other than the obligatory useless standard SharePoint error message:

Setting up Custom Elastic Bamboo VM for Working With Atlassian OnDemand

I spent way too much time on Sunday dealing with issues getting a custom Amazon EC2 virtual machine setup for automated PHP builds for Elastic Bamboo. This post describes what should be the steps that it took from beginning to end to help you have a working PHP build server.

Atlassian Bamboo

jQuery File Uploader, Cross Domain Requests, and ASHX Web Services

I spent all evening last night working on a file upload control problem that surfaced several realizations about how cross-domain requests work and how ASHX services are a bit of a pain.

Last night I spent all evening (and well into the night) working on a fix for a customer. This customer was using the jQuery File Uploader control to upload pictures to their remote server that’s associated with a customer’s order. The upload control was not reflecting the upload status in the built-in progress-bar. It was immediately advancing to 100% and holding until the upload actually completed. After which point the user would be redirected to the appropriate destination page. This left the potential for users to become confused as to whether the browser was “locked up” and start clicking around and disrupting the upload process. The request was simple: fix the control to reflect the actual upload progress. What I encountered while trying to fix this solution was anything but simple.

Upcoming 2012 Talks and Conferences

I’ve been honored to have been selected to speak at three great conferences coming up later this Spring and Summer 2012. I wanted to post so those who follow my blog know about these great events that are a great value.

AgileDotNet Houston

Account Deletions

I had to recently re-install Wordpress. During the process, I didn’t (forgot to) reinstall the registration plugin that helped prevent bots from auto-creating accounts. This resulted in a large number of illegitimate accounts being created. I’ve purged all of these accounts. If I purged one of your accounts that was legit, I apologize and ask that you re-register.