PHPUnit Review

I attended a session today on PHPUnit, the PHP framework for testing your code. I felt as though this was a significant software solution that must be talked about, considering I’d never heard of it before.

Zend/PHP Conference 06 - First Remarks

Well, I’ve been at the Zend/PHP conference in San Jose, CA since Sunday. The tutorials began on Monday, and with the beginning, I recognized a HUGE diversity gap. There were plenty of Americans, Canadians and Britans who were speaking English, but as I sit here typing this there are 3 individuals speaking French (could be Canadian and not French individuals, don’t know specifically). Additionally, there is a lot of Hebrew floating around. I had forgotten on the first day that the Zend company is headquartered in Israel, so this would explain the Hebrew. It’s different - OSCON was nothing like this.

Getting "Yelled" At

Okay, so when I got into Work this past Friday, I was greeted by an email in my inbox asking about my sending of email over the weekend. Here’s a nice little box that the administrator sent me:


This past week I went to Piscataway, NJ to visit IEEE headquarters and converse with my peers from all over the United States. The event: IEEE University Partnership Program Summit. The goal: Allowing us to express concerns and needs from IEEE, network with peers, and learn much more about IEEE than we knew in the past.

CSS 2 and Form Margins?

As far as I was aware, forms were simply supposed to be wrappers to allow the browser to determine which elements inside are supposed to be used with particular forms. Well, according to some browsers, now they have properties to modify the way a page look by default.

New Jersey and IEEE

For those people who weren’t aware (because I didn’t put this on my calendar) I was in Piscataway, NJ this past weekend on “business” with the IEEE. The purpose: University Partnership Program Chair Summit. By now you’re wondering WTF is that. Lemme start with the basics of IEEE, then I’ll explain the UPP.

Gateway Technical Support

Gateway (business) technical support has really pissed me off from the get go. Not only does their website not provide any half-way decent support documents on several different trouble cases, but it also fails via the phone for the following reasons:

  • They make accusations of things you didn't ever say you did.
  • They won't support something they post on their own website.
  • They don't even give you the time of day or try to thoroughly look into a problem you have.