Gentoo Gensplash Woes

Okay, time to try this again and not sound pissed off, cause I just spend the past 10 minutes typing this thing up and managed to hit “Ctrl+R” - destroying my work….

A Tribute to Steve Irwin

As most people know by now, Steve Irwin passed away recently. There has been a lot of press regarding this incident, and with due right. Steve Irwin was one of the most successful people to be able to be plastered all over the TV and become a world icon with respect to animal rights and educating people about animals (and of course, the all too famous of the “Crocodile Hunter”). Why should I care about Steve Irwin, considering I’ve never met him? Because anyone who is concerned for the rights of animals and educating people about them so they have a better respect of them is more than deserving of my respect.

Getting the last inserted row

Okay, I feel silly for writing this post, but as many of you know, this blog is not only for other’s enrichment, but for me document what I find for my own purposes and future uses. It also helps me to remember things I find cool, interesting, highly important, etc.

Thunderbird Threads

For those people who love their listservs, or like to talk to peeps a lot, sometimes it’s just better to have threading enabled for their E-Mail client. One such email client that uses threading beautifully is Mozilla Thunderbird. Collapsable, mark all readable, etc. threads really makes my day (or at least reading email) go much smoother.

Crank - Four Stars!

I saw Crank on Saturday with a bunch of my buddies from the Helpdesk. I hope to keep this review short and sweet - as it should cover the basic gist of the movie.

Zend PHP Certification

Well, yesterday was the dreaded changed day for my Zend PHP certification, and I could put in no more study time for it - I had already spent several days taking training courses, then several days reviewing the materials taught there, followed by Wednesday and Thursday (practically all-day), so anymore would have done nothing but possibly confuse me and/or just be a waste. I had been over the material presented to me through the Zend PHP Certification training AND I purchased a book 2 days before the Certification, the Zend PHP Certification Practice Test Book, available through phparchitect.

American Airlines

Officially, American Airlines are a bunch of chumps. Why, you ask? Well, I have full intents to tell you, obviously.