Day 3 ended the tutorials and began the sessions - the events that the majority of people showed up for. Keystones also precluded the days events, and the first Keynotes were rather intriguing. I heard talks from one of the leads and founders of SixApart, the company responsible for such things as LiveJournal, etc. In addition, Mr. O’Reilly gave a talk on how opensource licenses are out of date. With lack of further explanation of why he believed this, there were many members of the audience (including the other Keynote speakers) who were questioning that statement.

OSCON - Day 2

Day 2 of OSCON training was rather sluggish and disappointing. There were several things that I found out that I already knew, but many things I wasn’t expecting from one of the talks, the High Performance PHP. Going into this, I was expecting to see some code examples and talks about certain functions or stylistic coding techniques that would result in improved PHP code. This was definitely not the case, as the majority of the talk was about improving applications that run PHP, or co-exist with PHP. There were also other things to avoid (such as SOAP, but for obvious reasons), but hardly any talks about how to improve your code to improve it’s performance.

Template Change #2

Okay, so I decided to change my template again. The reason for this was that my previous template was causing text roll-off problems in FireFox that I didn’t want to fix. What eventually happened was I chose this theme, which had a width of 770px (because of static images), and ended up widening it to 1000px (yes, I had to edit the images to do so) so that my code examples would fit.

Here at OSCON

Well, I am officially writing on the WIFI here at OSCON. After a long, approximate 9 hours of flight, waiting, more flight, waiting, a prezel, and more flying, both myself and Melissa made it here to Portland. I don’t thing we got checked in and situated into our Hotel room until about 1AM Pacific time.

Prepping for OSCON

Well, in just over a week I’ll be going to Portland, Oregon to attend my very first OSCON. My boss usually goes, and since I got staff at CIS too late last year, I didn’t have a chance to go to any conferences.

System of a Down - What a Concert

Wow, last night was one of the best concerts I’ve been to in a while. Fair to Midland, Bad Acid Trip, Hatebreed, Avenged Sevenfold and System of a Down were the bands who played. Lots of people, enthusiastic bands, and a few hours of good music made the night.

Pirate of the Carribbean - Review

So, as you know by my post a couple of days ago, we were going to the PotC: Dead Man’s Chest. I was very enthusiastic about seeing this movie right when it came out, especially since the first one was a huge hit. I was disappointed that the movie theatre didn’t have any later showings than they did, as most everyone came to see the 12:20 showing. Melissa didn’t get off till 12:00, and by the time we got over there, the only seats where we could all sit were on the second row - I hate anything closer than the 4th row. Anywho, click the link below to read more about my personal review of Dead Man’s Chest.


So, today I feel like delving into one of the most overtalked topics around - poor driving.